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All Hallows Eve 2 (2015)

All Hallows Eve 2 (2015)All Hallows Eve 2 (2015) (2015) Hollywood Full Movie Online full Length


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All Hallows Eve 2 Movie Info:.

A woman finds a VHS tape on her doorstep that shows a series of gruesome tales that could be real. But the true danger is the pumpkin-faced killer that’s using the tape to find his next victim.
Directors:. Jesse Baget. Elias Benavidez.
Writers:. Jesse Baget (wraparound segment). Elias Benavidez (segment).
Stars:. Landon Ackerman. April Adamson. Ali Adatia

Movie Review:.

M Is for Masochist: A super quick glimpse of a sideshow carnival game that relies on the sadism of men who are torturing some poor soul strapped to a spinning wheel, all the while being directed by a barking carny – odd, not too terribly appealing, and WAY too quick to invest any time in the characters on display.
The Offering: Another flash-burst about a father-son duo who travel to the woods to make a sacrifice, only to find out that a key component has gone missing – predictable, but fun nonetheless.
Mr. Tricker’s Treat: The local Halloween fanatic has simply the best decorations in town… but upon close inspection, we learn what makes his displays so incredibly lifelike – fairly demented, and mildly funny to boot.
The Last Halloween: Following the house-to-house exploits of four trick-or-treaters… yeah, this one bored me to tears.
A Boy’s Life: A very imaginative young boy goes to great lengths to prove to his mom that the creature living under his bed isn’t just a story he’s been telling – this one will put you to sleep faster than a Jack Daniels and NyQuil shooter.

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