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Boiling Pot (2015) Full Movie

Boiling Pot (2015)Boiling Pot (2015) Bollywood Full Movie Online full Length


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Boiling Pot Movie Info:.

On a college campus in modern America, ideas that have long been neglected as “issues of the past” emerge as racial tensions and frictions grow between different student groups.
Director:. Omar Ashmawey.
Writers:. Ibrahim Ashmawey, Omar Ashmawey.
Stars:. Danielle Fishel. Louis Gossett Jr. M. Emmet Walsh.

Movie Review:

Boiling Pot is superficially similar to last year’s Dear White People. a very good satire about race in American colleges. Boiling Pot is an ensemble drama about racism and violence at an American university. However. as a deadly serious drama with a confusing and hackneyed plot and weak characters. the film is a pretentious and boring mess with poor acting and clearly forced messages.

Today, most audiences know to take movies based on a true story with a grain of salt. Details are changed. but we accept it because it’s a movie. and dramatic licences are often necessary for the story. However, Boiling Pot opens with a “based on true events” disclaimer. but adds “You’ll want to believe the details are exaggerated. But they’re not.” A quick google search reveals that yes. the details are certainly exaggerated and changed to tell a tighter story. Boiling Pot’s smug comment starts the film on a dishonest and sneaky note. and only goes further downhill with its poor acting and pretentious messages.

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