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Breakdown (2016)

Breakdown (2016)Breakdown (2016) Hollywood Full Movie Online full Length

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Breakdown Movie Info:.

A contract killer tormented by a violent past is forced to defend his family from his ruthless employers.
Initial release: January 15, 2016
Director: Jonnie Malachi.
Running time:. 1h 47m.
Produced by:. Luke Fairbrass.
Written by:.Jonnie Malachi.
Cast:. Craig Fairbrass. James Cosmo.

Movie Review:.

British director Jonnie Malachi’s gangster pastiche Breakdown is a vicious mongrel of a movie, frothing and snarling but with a fatal lack of bite in its bark. Owing much to previously more successful examples of its ilk, in style but certainly not in substance, Breakdown thrashes desperately in attempts at allegory but ends up floundering in an already saturated genre.

The twin thuds of silencer rounds ricocheting into the opening frame offer about as much duality as the film can manage. Assassin Alfie Jennings (Craig Fairbrass) hurriedly but efficiently portions himself into a car following his latest “transaction”. However, this hit man with a heart is haunted by visions of past contractual obligations and the burden of his burgeoning morality is growing too much to bear.

Soon after retrieving himself from the latest epiphany, he is summoned to the Manor of his superior, Albert (James Cosmo), a former Major with a penchant for moustaches and human taxidermy. Greeted at the door by Ronnie (Rab Affleck, another mustachioed tough guy), Alfie’s fortunes spiral downward from here on, after an incident during a routine torturing for a client.

The film continues, with scenes draped together under the toil of a script so rooted in aphorism and wince-inducing cliché that it is difficult to imagine how it has been made at all. The cataclysmic tedium of Fairbrass’ monosyllabic mumbling, coupled with yummy mummy trophy wife Cat (Olivia Grant) similarly struggling to get her words out through a perpetual pout and doe-eyed affectation, results in Breakdown not only managing to confuse notions of masculinity with violence, but also appearing to endorse them.


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