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Dead on Campus (2015) Full Movie

Dead on Campus (2015) Full Movie
Dead on Campus (2015) Hollywood Full Movie Online full Length


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Dead on Campus  Movie Info:

A freshman on campus discovers that the only way to be admitted into the sorority of her dreams is to seduce a nerdy introverted guy and film it. When the sorority “prank” goes viral, the boy is discovered dead from apparent suicide, but his sister does not buy it. She goes under cover to expose the sororities’ hidden secrets.
– Written by Reel One Entertainment.
College freshman Natalie is smart, and not your typical sorority girl. She is a legacy to her moms sorority and stands a really high chance at making it, despite one thing. Her initiation is to seduce Sumner; a quiet, and shy track star, and video tape it. But when the prank goes wrong, it’s up to Natalie to decide on telling the truth and risk everything or keep quiet and have it all.
Director: Curtis Crawford
Writer: John Serge
Stars: Katelyn Tarver, Tamara Duarte, Nicki Aycox

Review :

Our main character this time around is Natalie (Katelyn Tarver), a goody-two-shoes who doesn’t drink at parties and is about to start her freshman year at a nice college. And yet like most strait-laced Lifetime movie heroines, she’s best friends with a rebellious girl named Nikki (Eva Link) with pink streaks in her hair. While attending the last high school party of the summer, Natalie walks in on her boyfriend hooking up with another girl. “I’ve never dated a smart girl,” he explains, “only hot ones.” It was only a few minutes in and I could already tell I’d love this movie.

Natalie’s mom passed away a few years ago, and her dad already has a new girlfriend. Natalie copes with this by lying on her beg crying and holding a photo of her mom in an oversize frame. When she gets to college, Natalie plans to pledge Delta Psi Beta, which also happens to be the name of the fake fraternity in the Zac Efron movie Neighbors, in case you were looking for a bit of trivia. It also happens to be the sorority her mom was in, because of course.

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