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Haphead ( 2015 ) Full Movie


Haphead ( 2015 ) Full Movie


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Haphead Movie Info:

Maxine works at a factory making haptic inputs. After she steals one her favorite rabbit-ninja game beats skills directly into her muscle memory. When a fellow haphead causes her father’s death. She uses her new deadly skills to investigate.
Director: Tate Young.
Writer: Jim Munroe.
Stars: Elysia White, David Strauss, Joanne Jansen.

Synopsis: In 2025, people can learn skills simply via their participation in computer games.

Originally crowdfunded as a webseries and recut into this neat little theatrical offering. Haphead gives a view into the future of entertainment not only in its premise but also in its construction. While the film itself explores the idea of skills being learned directly through computer games. We can also see that filmmakers no longer have to wait for big studios to realise fascinating ideas. Set in 2025. Haphead takes its name from the people who use the technology outside of the law. By simply hooking up their brains. All the information their character takes in can be applied in the real world. Our heroine, Maxine (White). Is one such user who abuses her summer temp position at a factory producing the necessary cables for entering the game worlds. Her game of choice is Overgrowth, in which players take on the roles of martial arts rabbits.

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