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Marriage Da Garriage (2014) Punjabi

Marriage Da Garriage (2014) PunjabiMarriage Da Garriage (2014) Punjabi Full Movie Online full Length


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Marriage Da Garriage Movie Info:.

Two friends start up a unique business following their release from prison.
Initial release:. March 28, 2014.
Director:. Jaswinder Singh.
Running time:. 2h 22m.
Music by:. Gurmeet Singh.
Genre:. Comedy.

Movie Review:.

Tell me one thing do we need a Punjabi movie to teach us Punjabi idioms? Is it worth spending crores to make the audience understand that nau sau chuhey khaa key billi haj nu hi jandi hai!! This is exactly what Marriage da garriage is all about, 13 Punjabi idioms inserted in an idiotic format. This movie can simply be summed in one word hopeless from beginning to the end. Director Jaswinder Singh has created history by making a film that can kill faster than cyanide! A terrible story, well let me say, no story, terrible dialogues and screenplay, the movie is a perfect sleeping pill.
The industry should thank Jaswinder for this invention. Virtually shot in two different locations, the movie could have never become better with Navraj Hans. First, it is an advice; Navraj can pass off as a great villain but as a hero, the lesser the better. This singer doesn’t look convincing as an actor and to make matters worst he does not remove his shades in almost the entire movie.

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