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Molly Moon and the Incredible Book (2015)

Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism (2015) Molly Moon and the Incredible Book (2015) Hollywood Full Movie Online full Length


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Molly Moon and the Incredible Book  Movie Info :

This movie will be about a young orphan girl who just happens to come across a hypnotizing book and hypnotizes her way to a New York show and becomes rich and famous. But another man also wants that book and tracks her all the way to New York and takes her dog. In order to get it back she must rob the richest bank of all its jewels.
Initial release: April 11, 2015 (Canada)
Directors: Dominic Monaghan, Christopher N. Rowley
Running time: 1h 38m
Music composed by: Peter Raeburn
Screenplay: Tom Butterworth, Chris Hurford


Molly Moon, an orphan at Hardwick House Orphanage in Briersville, England, is living a “boring and plain” life with her best friend Rocky Scarlet, another orphan. She is described as being plain looking with a large “potato” nose, wobbly knees and green eyes. She is usually beaten down upon by Ms. Adderstone, the woman in charge of the orphanage, and Hazel, a snobby orphan girl. During a cross-country race at school, Molly and Rocky have a fight and Molly storms away to the town library. As she walks in, she finds a man yelling at the librarian about a book he ordered, but ignores him. While looking in a curious compartment of the restricted section, she finds a book on hypnotism, placed in the wrong section because the “H” was ripped off the spine. Intrigued, she steals it and sneaks out of the library. She takes it to the orphanage to read it.

She fakes being ill so that she can study the book better. Curiously, she finds that chapters 7 and 8 (“Voice-Only Hypnosis” and “Long Distance Hypnosis”) are missing. Not long after her discovery of the book, she learns that Rocky has been adopted and taken to America with his new family. Determined to see her friend again, she gains the actual ability to hypnotize from the lessons in her book, first successfully hypnotizing the orphanage dog, Petula. Later on, she is able to hypnotize both Ms. Adderstone and their orphanage chef Edna. Using her ability, Molly wins a large sum of money from a local talent competition, by hypnotizing the crowd into believing that she is a talented singer and dancer. She uses the money to fly to New York City, taking Petula with her. Before leaving, she buys a large gold pendulum, where the mysterious professor from the library learns about her, after he bought some anti-hypnosis glasses.

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