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Mukhtiar Chadha (2015) Punabi

Mukhtiar Chadha (2015) PunabiMukhtiar Chadha (2015) Punabi Full Movie Online full Length

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Mukhtiar Chadha Movie Info:.

Mukhtiar Chadha is a Punjabi romantic comedy film starring Diljit Dosanjh and Oshin Brar. The film is directed and written by Gifty while it is produced by Ohri Productions & Wahid Sandhar Showbiz and by presentation of Eros International.
Initial release: November 27, 2015.
Director: Gifty.
Running time: 2 hours.

Movie Review:.

There are characters who even speak Hindi. They mostly use, ‘Pant nahi pajama ji, main munde ka mama ji,’ sort of one-liners to introduce themselves and take you through the bylanes of Karol Bagh and adjacent areas.
In case, you still don’t get it then the stock footage of the Delhi Metro with the Hanuman statute is also present.
Basically, it’s a clichéd Delhi story: A property dealer who wants to make some quick bucks. A funny gangster with a certain Western UP touch. Some guys doing Ramleela. A wannabe middle-aged Bihari man who dreams of dating college girls. Some police officers with an artificial Haryanvi accent. A heavily built wrestler with a child’s voice. And a mother (Kiran Juneja) who keeps praying for the well being of her son.
The list goes on and on. Mukhtiar Chadha has every stereotype you can think of, but, surprise-surprise, it works in entirety. Partly because of the hidden humour quotient in these typical Delhi characters, and mostly because of Diljit’s presence at the helm of affairs.

Consider this scene: Mukhtiar is sitting with his mother and uncle. His dislike for the ever-complaining uncle prompts him to fight with him. And just when the argument heats up, he puts his hand inside his uncle’s pocket and brings out a ‘mathhi’ (a popular North Indian snack) and says, “Kaun hai ye banda mummy jo mathhiyaan churaata hai” (Who’s this guy mother who steals snacks). The spontaneity with which Dosanjh does it is remarkable. His quick reaction time makes many such scenes funny.
Sometimes the film looks ‘different’ conceptually as well. In one sequence, Mukhtiar arrives at the villain’s den with a huge machine gun and stars firing like Arnold Schwarzenegger. And then suddenly, he runs out of bullets. Such anti-climax provides a distinct flavour to Mukhtiar Chadha. Similarly, an Osama Bin Laden impersonator will crack you up.


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