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Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule (2016) Online Watch

Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule Online WatchNannu Vadili Neevu Polevule Online Watch (2015) Telugu Full Movie Online

Nannu Vadili Neevu Polevule Online Watch

Referred to director Selvaraghavan. Takes a again seat and encourages his wife Gitanjali. To direct a mature love tale titled Nannu Vadili Nevu Polevule. This dubbed model of the currently released Tamil film has hit the displays nowadays. Allow’s see how it is.Prabhu(Balakrishna Kola) is an average looking middle elegance IT employee who desires to experience actual love. He maintains attempting tough however to his horrific luck. He gets rejected due to his seems.However. Manoja(Wamiqa Gabbi) is an city female who does no longer need to get married due to her stricken past. As her mother’s fitness begins deteriorating. She is pressured into an arranged marriage with Prabhu.Variations begin creeping in between the couple because of their varied thinking. After a point. Things exit of hand and the couple break up with each different. Rest of the tale is as to how they control to clear their troubles and get returned collectively.Wamiqa Gabbi is the megastar of the movie and surprises you along with her emotional act. Proper from the phrase pass. She holds your interest with her caressing act and gives a solid overall performance. The manner she has showcased the pain and grief through her expressions is simply first-rate.Balakrishna Kola is ok in his function and does well in components. Despite the fact that the subject matter is quite simple. The manner it’s been narrated is ideal in components. Interval bang is hard hitting and elevates the film well. The disagreement scenes among the couple had been showcased properly.As stated in advance. Story is very simple and reminds you of 7G Brundavan colony right away. A ordinary looking guy falling for a lovely lady. All that is quite much like 7G. The simplest distinction right here is that the tale is about among a married couple.The content material of the film is dark and hard hitting and may not healthy the sensibilities of every section of the target audience. Also. The tempo of the movie could be very gradual and might bore the hardcore business film enthusiasts large time.The way the movie is ended is pretty easy. I imply after showcasing so much pain and aggression through heroine’s individual. The way she changes her thoughts for the duration of the pre-climax lacks conviction.
Launch date : April 1th. 2016
123telugu.Com rating : 2.25/5
Director : Gitanjali Selvaraghavan
producer : Kancharla Pardhasaradhi
music Director : Amrit
Starring : Balakrishna Kola. Wamiqa Gabbi

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