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Paisa Yaar N Panga (2014) Punjabi

Paisa Yaar N Panga (2014) PunjabiPaisa Yaar N Panga (2014) Punjabi Full Movie Online full Length

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Paisa Yaar N Panga Movie Info

Paisa Yaar N Panga is an upcoming Punjabi comedy film directed by Virender Singh and produced by Bharat Arora, Arvinder Singh, Gurprit Singh Gujral, Starring Gavie Chahal, Mukul Dev, Khushboo Grewal,Flora Saini, Karan Sekhon, Veer Vashisht. Wikipedia
Initial release: August 1, 2014
Director: Virender Singh
Genre: Comedy

Movie Review:

‘Paisa Yaar ‘N’ Panga’ revolves around the story of a B.Tech student Karan who was expelled from the college on the charge of cheeting. He later develops an anti-virus software which would ensure that the computers in the world did not get hacked or attacked by viruses. The new software reaches a city industrialist Ranveer Walia who launches the product as his own creation. The real inventor is totally ignored by the college and Ranveer Walia.
Karan stays in a palatial house of one of their rich relatives alongwith his two friends Fateh and Bunty. The trio decides to expose Walia who is the husband of a rich lady Vaani who has an inherited fortune of Rs 5000 crore. This money would come to Walia after the death of Vaani.
The trio kidnap Vaani and demand ransom of Rs 5 Crores from Walia. The movie moves candidly as the kidnappers are unable to extract money from Walia inspite of Vaani taken as a hostage by the trio. Walia wants the kidnappers to kill Vaani so that he inherits Vaani’s wealth.
Ultimately Vaani comes to know that the trio is not the real kidnappers and it was her husband who played the dirty game. She plays the role of a good samaritan and helps Karan get the credit for his creation.
The movie has an interesting plot but seems to have been handled by an amateur Director. The songs are above average. Acting wise, Gavie Chahal and Mukul Dev do full justice to their respective roles.

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