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Proper Patola (2014) Punjabi

Proper Patola (2014) PunjabiProper Patola (2014) Punjabi Full Movie Online full Length


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Proper Patola Movie Info:

Proper Patola is New Punjabi Comedy Movie 2014,this is A new Movie by Neeru Bajwa is Very Famous in Punjab she is very hot Sexy Punjabi Film Actresss.
Movie released: 28,November 2014.
Director : Harish Vyas
Proper Patola Movie Cast & Crew: Neeru Bajwa, Harish Verma, Yuvraj Hans
Music: Jassi Katyal

Movie Review:

Proper Patola is a story of twin sisters Preet and Jeet who live a distinct lifestyle. While Preet is traditional, lives in India and loves Raj, Jeet is modernised, lives in Thailand and loves Yuvi. Raj’s father is a retired army man and a typical father. Raj wants to marry Preet for which he makes a tea vendor to act as Preet’s father. The couple then marries each other. Later when Preet wants to go out with Raj to her honeymoon, Raj thinks of swapping the sisters as he believes his father won’t allow them to go. And the sisters are swapped with a twist. Jeet comes in and Raj goes with Preet to honeymoon. There are lots of confusions while she stays in Raj’s house. If you follow our reviews we sometimes say that the story was good but the execution was bad. Well here it’s not just the execution but the story too is poor. Wonder what Amit Saxena thought when he wrote this story. We have seen mothers swap on television but here they have brought twin sisters swapping and that too for a honeymoon. Who does that????

The screenplay was poorly scripted and fails to hold the interest of viewers.

The movie stars Neeru Bajwa in a double role, Harish Verma and Yuvraj Hans. Provided the potential they have, the director failed to bring out performances from them. The music of the film was poor, the choreography was average.
Coming on to the title of the movie, in a press conference the star cast was asked about it. Neeru Bajwa said, “If you see the film you’ll come to know why we have said it Proper Patola.” Yuvraj Hans went on to say, “We have justified in the film that Patola is not a vulgar word.” But after I saw the movie I was just confused to what relation the title had with the film. The title was nowhere apt to the story of the movie. Our writers are not just struggling to write a good story, but if they come up with a story somehow, they struggle to name it.

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