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Rogue Assassin (2012) Hindi Dubbed

Rogue Assassin (2012) Hindi DubbedRogue Assassin (2012) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Online full Length

Rogue Assassin (2012) Hindi Dubbed

A band of black water operatives get wiped out while in Northern Iraq. The sole survivor is left alone to fend for his life. While trying to fend for himself, he befriends a native.
Director: Jason Konopisos
Writer: Jason Konopisos (screenplay)
Stars: Charles Durning, Glenn Morshower, Jason Konopisos


Rogue Assassin: Jack Crawford (Jason Statham) is an FBI agent who discovers that a hit man named Rogue (Jet Li) is back in San Francisco after 3 years of complete disappearance by Rogue’s trademark titanium shells with depleted uranium slugs. Crawford knew Rogue from his past experience that Rogue killed Crawford’s partner Tom Lone (Terry Chen) and his wife and daughter and set their home on fire.

Crawford wants justice for his partner and vows to kill Rogue to get even. In the mean time, Rogue skillfully incites a war between the Triads and Yakuzas in San Francisco for no apparent reason. Rogue seems to be working for the local mafia Chang (John Lone) while he kills his son-like man in Triads and skillfully manages to let him believe it’s done by the Yakuzas and tips the man’s brother about a man working under Shiro (Ryo Ishibashi), leading him to his location of a tea house where the rival gangs fight while Rogue sits in a winow picking off anyone coming out with a sniper rifle from both gangs…..


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