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Singh Is Bling (2015)

Singh Is Bling (2015) Full MovieSingh Is Bling (2015) Bollywood Full Movie Online full Length

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Singh Is Bling Movie Info :

Singh Is Bling  Raftaar Singh is always looking to have fun and runs away from responsibility. Fed up. his father orders Raftaar to go to Goa and work. and learn to take on responsibility. Once in Goa. he impresses his new boss with his enthusiasm and creative thinking. Soon he gets an assignment, and meets Sara Amy Jackson – and thus begins their unique love story. What ensues is a great comedy of errors, as one hilarious situation after another unfolds. Raftaar falls head over heels for this exotic, mysterious girl. The romance takes a deadly turn when he realizes that Sara is not who he thinks she is and has an agenda, which takes him to Romania. Will Raftaar be able to win her over in a distant and dangerous land?
Initial release: October 2, 2015 (USA)
Director: Prabhu Deva.
Music composed by: Manjeet Singh Ral,Pritam Chakraborty.


Raftaar Singh is a fun-loving man but un-educated. His naughtiness kept his parents worried. Raftaar gets kicked out of his home by his father and his father gives an ultimatum that he can only come back if he will do job with his (father’s) friend in Goa or marry Navjot’s daughter, Sweety. Raftaar chooses the former as he thinks that Sweety is a fat girl who will give him a huge problem. On the other side in Rome lives Sara. Sara Rana lost her mother but hopes that she is alive. Her father, Mr. Rana, took a wrong choice and worked as Mafia.

Mark, a great mafia who wants to marry Sara is obstructed by her, even by Mark’s father. Mark soon kills his own father and hunts for Sara but she escaped to Goa. Raftaar meets his boss Kripal Singh (his father’s friend) and he successfully gets a job to take care of Sara for the time she is in India, but the problem is that he doesn’t know English language and Sara doesn’t know Hindi language . Raftaar lies that he knows English in fear that he could be fired. Raftaar and his friends meets Sara at the airport. Raftaar hires a translator, Emily, as she knows both English and Hindi languages. Sara meet Raftaar’s boss and feels safe but thinks that Raftaar is a bad guy. In time Raftaar accepts his mistake that he once made and his boss feels proud. Sara soon finds out that Raftaar is a good guy, when she sees him helping the women whom the bad guys were flirting with. The goons who were in search of Raftaar get beaten by Sara.

Emily is shocked on seeing her that she knows how to fight. But Raftaar doesn’t see this. Raftaar’s friends and Sara get kidnapped soon by the same goons. Raftaar tries to save them, in this process Raftaar is able to beat some goons but unfortunately gets badly beaten, Sara later helps them and beats all the goons. She then feels happy and proud of his goodness and start liking him. Raftaar’s boss feels happy with his job that has done well and he becomes best businessman. When Mark learns that Sara is in Goa he sends his men to bring her back. His men breach and try to catch her but she escape with Raftaar in car but unfortunately get hit. Raftaar get beaten, but later beat them all except a woman who is soon beaten by Sara. Raftaar decides to take Sara to his home according to his boss advice.


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