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The Carrier (2016) Full Movie

The Carrier (2016)The Carrier (2016) Hollywood Full Movie Online full Length

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The Carrier Movie Info:.

As an antibiotic-resistant pandemic devastates the planet, the only safe place is in the air.
Director:. Anthony Woodley.
Writers:. Luke Healy. Helen Kingston.
Stars:. Jack Gordon. Rebecca Johnson. Edmund Kingsley.


Eight survivors take to the skies in a badly damaged aircraft to escape an antibiotic resistant pandemic which decimates the planet. There’s nowhere safe to land, but things really start to go wrong when they realise that the infection is on the plane. How long can they stay airborne? And more importantly what will be waiting for them if they land?
Not to be confused with the straight to DVD thriller starring John Cusack and Robert De Niro, this film titled The Carrier is a low-budget British thriller. In the vein of Outbreak, The Carrier brings the audience into a ravaged Britain that is becoming overwhelmed with a deadly infection. A plane with a handful of passengers try to stay safe by staying in the air, whilst some of them hope that a cure may be found.
The Carrier plays out as your fairly standard bio disaster pic. There are some stock characters in there. A dashing and heroic pilot (it seems at first), the pragmatic and slightly unbalanced asshole, the religious character, the joker and so on. We’ve seen this film before. We’ve seen it with a bigger budget and better actors, but in fairness we’ve also seen it done far worse. Normally filling in some graveyard slot on an obscure movie channel in the dead of night. The Carrier opens fairly interestingly, as a young mother infected with the virus tries to get her son through a quarantine zone and onto a departing plane, on which her husband is waiting. Director Anthony Woodley begins the film with a degree of tension and intrigue.
When the opening has ceased and the credits come, the film then spends its middle third taking place entirely on an airplane set as a small group of passengers struggle to find unity as they are dealing with the infected. Friction arises particularly as Mr Pragmatic (Eric, played by Joe Dixon) would rather bludgeon and dispose of infected quickly, rather than risk spreading the virus. He also objects to their choice of destination for fear of spreading the virus further. Aside from a mild case of being a bit psychotic he’s probably the unofficial hero of the film. He’s the only one who seems to have a brain and think logically, but of course he’s one of the antagonists in this romanticised view of interminable human spirit in the face of pandemic adversity. However this is the atypical way in these sort of films.


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