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The Final Girls Full Movie Watch Online (2015)

The Final Girls (2015) The Final Girls (2015) Hollywood Full Movie Online full Length


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The Final Girls Movie Info:

Max, recently orphaned, goes to see a screening of a B-horror movie that her mother made 20 years earlier. When Max and her friends find themselves in the world of the film itself, they must apply their knowledge of horror tropes to survive.
Initial release: October 9, 2015 (USA)
Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson
Music composed by: Gregory James Jenkins
Screenplay: Joshua John Miller, M.A. Fortin
Producers: Michael London, Janice Williams


Max Cartwright (Taissa Farmiga) waits in the car while her actress mother, Amanda (Malin Åkerman), auditions for a film. When she returns, Amanda complains that, for the rest of her career, she’ll be known for her role as scream queen Nancy in the 1986 slasher film Camp Bloodbath, now a cult classic. On the way home, the two get into a car accident, leaving Max as the only survivor.

Three years later, on the anniversary of her mom’s death, Max studies with her best friend Gertie (Alia Shawkat) and crush Chris (Alexander Ludwig). Gertie’s stepbrother Duncan (Thomas Middleditch), a horror super fan, shows up and convinces Max to attend a special double-feature showing of Camp Bloodbath and its sequel, Camp Bloodbath 2: Cruel Summer, as a special guest. At the screening, Max is none too happy to find Chris’ possessive ex-girlfriend Vicki (Nina Dobrev) there. During the film, the raucous crowd accidentally sets the theater ablaze. In order to get to safety, Max rips a hole through the screen.

Max, Chris, Gertie, Duncan, and Vicki find themselves waking up in the woods. They encounter characters from Camp Bloodbath, including Max’s mother, in character as nice girl Nancy, and they realize they’ve somehow been transported inside the movie. The group awkwardly pass themselves off as new camp counselors arriving for the season, and let the first couple of murders happen without interference. However, when Duncan is killed by Camp Bloodbath ‘ s machete-wielding villain Billy Murphy (Dan B. Norris), they realize that they also run the risk of being murdered.

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