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The Phoenix Incident (2015)

The Phoenix Incident (2015)The Phoenix Incident (2015) (2015) Hollywood Full Movie Online full Length


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The Phoenix Incident Movie Info:.

A number of ‘missing person’ cases are reported in Phoenix, Arizona when an unexplained light appears in the sky one night in 1997.
Director: Keith Arem.
Writer: Keith Arem.
Stars: Elise Muller. Troy Baker. James C. Burns.


When talent such as Keith Arem decides to step out of the video game arena and dip his toe into the waters of full on movie making. you cant help but feel a mix of joy and fear. With so many great games under his belt such as a huge chunk of the Call of Duty series. Darksiders 1 & 2, Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within (arguably the best of the reboot trilogy) and the simply fantastic Metro 2033. his skill for directing some of the most interesting interactive stories to date should mean the transition is an absolute no brainer. Yet. as with many who have tried. the transition between mediums often leads to a hard fall should pulling it off be a task too insurmountable.

Thankfully. Arems directorial debut isn’t a video game related tie-in but a sci-fi/horror mockumentary that blends interviews and found footage to detail the events of 1997. when a string of strange lights illuminated the skies in Phoenix Arizona, shortly before the still unexplained disappearance of four men. Naturally, the documenters slowly begin to uncover a huge government conspiracy ending in a perhaps not so shocking twist but a satisfying one none the less.

It’s easy to see that the found footage phenomenon is still enjoying its time in the sun. having climbed its way up the ladder to become many horror and sci-fi directors platform of choice. but while it’s an easy format to produce, it’s a whole different task to actually pull off successfully. Something that is always in the back of my mind when I enter into films that use the format/genre. After all. I need a film to suspend my disbelief and someone incessantly holding a lens in front of the unfolding horror before them doesn’t help disguise the fact that, I am in fact, watching a scripted movie.

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