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The System Pakistani (2014)

The System Pakistani (2014)The System Pakistani (2014) Full Movie Online full Length

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The System Pakistani Movie Info:

The System is a 2014 Pakistani Urdu-language action drama film, directed by Norway-based Shahzad Ghufoor, produced by Ghafoor Butt of Leos Productions. Nadeem Baig, Shafqat Cheema, Irfan Khoosat, and Nayyar Ejaz play the lead roles.
Initial release: May 30, 2014 (Pakistan)
Director: Shahzad Ghufoor
Screenplay: Wajid Zubairi
Music composed by: Shailesh Suvarna
Producer: Ghafoor Butt

Movie Review:

The young protagonist in Shahzad Ghufoor’s The System just can’t take it anymore. The corrupt politicians, immoral villainous (and easy to buy) police men, rising expense – nothing makes sense to him, so he does what any filmi hero would do: take them down. Or as he says in his own words: “Main system kay saath nahin chal sakta. System ko meray saath chalna paday ga (I can’t follow the system; the system has to follow me)”. How quaint, and maybe, egoistical.
The rebelling youth Haider (Sheraz Ghufoor) is a karate apt, postgraduate son of a masjid imam (the obligatory Nadeem Baig), who often sneaks up to his veranda for some romantic escapes with Sara (Kashaf Ali), the girl next door.
Ghufoor’s movie is neither as drastic nor as desperate – or as easy to anger – as Haider. An act of political game-playing (by a derivative Nayyar Ejaz) implicates him, his friends and soon dad, as criminals. The charges don’t stick, but they do propel him into police service – and the movie’s first action set-piece at a cargo dock.

The villains are, naturally, scared – including his police subordinate played by Shafqat Cheema (unimaginatively named SHO ‘Jimmy’ Cheema in the script).
Cheema is a god-sent to The System. A morally reprehensible soul, Cheema (the character, not the real Cheema), plays Jimmy to the hilt.

In one scene, Haider stops an “item number” mid-way and forces Cheema to dance wearing a pair of hefty ghungroo over his khaki police pants. Already well in the groove, at least Cheema was having a blast. The rest of the cast, judging from their stunted parts or run-of-the-mill dialogues, were a bit of a disappointment.


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