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Uncaged (2016) Full Movie

Uncaged (2016)Uncaged (2016) Hollywood Full Movie Online full Length

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Uncaged Movie Info:

A sleepwalking teen straps a camera to himself and discovers a sinister family secret.
Director: Daniel Robbins
Writers: Mark Rapaport, Daniel Robbins
Stars: Gene Jones, Ben Getz, Kyle Kirkpatrick

Movie Review:

It’s great to see my favorite monster making a comeback in independent cinema these days. The werewolf has always been an underappreciated monster when compared to vampires or Frankenstein’s monster that usually get more press. It’s hard to get the right tone when making a werewolf film. Either it’s a straight out horror movie or it tries to be a horror/comedy combination that very few films have been able to achieve (i.e. An American Werewolf in London, The Howling, Dog Soldiers, Late Phases, Wolf Cop). Uncaged is a werewolf film that tries to take the horror and comedy route. Does it achieve its goal of mixing both genres well? Read on to find out.

In the beginning of Uncaged we’re introduced to six-year-old Jack getting ready to go to bed in his room. We hear some type of disturbance outside his room that sounds like his mother and father fighting and then we hear a gun shot. His mother comes into his room and tells him to remember that when he turns 18 everything will change for him. As it turns out, Jack’s mother had killer his father and he grows up living with his cousin Brandon. Cut to twelve years later as Jack (Ben Getz) is now in college and 18-years-old. Jack’s uncle invites him up to his isolated cabin for winter break because he is going to be away on business. Jack and his best buddies, Cousin Brandon (Zack Weiner) and Turner (Kyle Kirkpatrick) decide it would be a great place to get away and party.

Soon after arriving at the cabin, things begin to get strange for Jack. For the next couple of nights, Jack seems to sleepwalk and is waking up the next morning naked outside in a strange place. Jack’s friends don’t seem to think anything of Jack coming home in the mornings naked and wrapped in a garbage bag. They chalk it up to a couple nights of debauchery. Freaking out by what is happening to him; Jack decides to strap on a GoPro camera the next night to see what is going on. The next morning when Jack again wakes up naked, in the middle of nowhere he zips home to see what the camera shows. He’s horrified to discover that the past night showed him all furred and fanged up ripping an innocent man to shreds by the train station.


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