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Yaaran Da Katchup (2014) Punjabi

Yaaran Da Katchup (2014) PunjabiYaaran Da Katchup (2014) Punjabi Full Movie Online full Length


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Yaaran Da Katchup Movie Info:.

Yaaran Da Katchup is a 2014 Punjabi action comedy film, directed by Abhay Baiju Chabbra starring Jaswinder Bhalla debutant Punjabi singer Hardy Sandhu Yuvika Chaudhary Anita Hassanandani Varun Sharma and Rana Ranbir. Wikipedia
Initial release:. July 18, 2014 (India).
Director:. Abhay Baiju Chabbra.
Music composed by:. GK.
Producer:. Vikram Bansal.
Editor:. Bunty Nagi.

Movie Review :.

The story takes a twist when Hardy reminds Arjun and Fateh about the promise they made in College to each other to meet every 7 years whatever may be the circumstances. Arjun makes an excuse of Gill’s sickness to his wife. Simrat to visit Thailand. Fateh naturally accompanies him and Sohi is sent as an escort by Simrat to keep a check on boys’ philanderings – if any.
Even Nona sends her friend Gabbar (Rana Ranbir) to spy on her hubby and report any infidelity by Gill. who feigns visiting Singapore for a business meeting.
Though Arjun and Fateh make an attempt to escape the eyes of Sohi. they all end up checking in the same hotel owned by Sharma (BN Sharma) whose Manager is Ranjan Sehgal. Lo and behold. Ruby (Shagun Jaswal), Sharma’s daughter and Fateh fall for each other much to the chagrin of Sharma.
In the meantime, Arjun’s ex-boss also lands up at masseur. Harjinder (Kruti Popat) parlour in Thailand where Sohi is already trying to impress her.
Things seem to be going hunky-dory till Fateh takes a promise from his friends to somehow arrange for his wedding with Ruby with the help of Sharma’s lookalike. by abducting Sharma and instead making his lookalike take his place.
There follows a drama and commotion. when Fateh’s wedding is to be solemnised with Ruby at a Thai Temple. There’s a huge merry- go-round during the climax when fate makes Simrat and Nona also land up at the climax. Amidst confusuion. there follows a laugh riot for which Punjabi movies are quite famous for.

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