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Yoddha The Warrior (2014) Punjabi

Yoddha The Warrior (2014) PunjabiYoddha The Warrior (2014) Punjabi Full Movie Online full Length

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Yoddha The Warrior Movie info:.

Yoddha is a Punjabi movie. Yoddha is the story of a warrior who rises to revenge wrongdoers, with Rahul Dev playing the role of an antagonist. Wikipedia
Initial release: October 31, 2014.
Director: Mandeep Benipal.
Running time: 1h 58m.
Music composed by: Gurmeet Singh. Popsy.
Screenplay: Kuljinder Singh Sidhu. Amardeep Gill

Movie Review:.

Yodha is a fast paced movie packed with action sequences and some very good with huge appeal dialogues. Kuljinder Singh Sidhu is really the man to watch in the movie he packs a punch with every dialogue and Rahul Dev is impeccable in the movie and other just stars have lend a great job with the film. The action director Mahendra Verma have done a great job with film.

The Movie no doubt is a great Pollywood movie but the way its getting popularity as a Sikh Movie, Lets see how far the movie have gone with that.

For some though it MIGHT NOT be a BIG or Small issue, but as a Sikh the movie cant be rated as a family movie. There have been so many scenes shown in this Punjabi movie where the movie characters have been smoking. The movie industry [should] treat smoking like it treats profanity and sex and violence. It was sad to see Dinesh Soodh (even though he is not a Sikh but producing Sikh Movies) smoking in his small Guest appearance role in the movie. There has already been going a lot to even ban smoking in Bollywood movies, so in that instance screening Smoking scenes in a Pollywood movie (with some touch on Sikhi Corner) is really a big question mark on this movie?
Moving further, the movie is basically shown as a revenge movie where an ordinary NRI person Ronnie turns to Ranjodh Singh after meeting with Singhs of Damdami Taksal Jatha. The movie portrays how the character playing Shingara Singh, the chief of Damdami Taksal Jatha in the movie motivates and teaches Ronnie to take Amrit di daat and become Ranjodh Singh. However when Ranjodh Singh alias Ronnie goes back to him saying that “Baba ji mein badla lena chahunda han (Baba ji, I want to take revenge)”, there are no concerns raised by the Shingara Singh and instead encourages him further. The fight of Ranjodh Singh has purely been shown up as a personal revenge rather than a fight against Tyranny.

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