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Arthur and Merlin (2015)

Arthur and Merlin (2015)Arthur and Merlin (2015) (2015) Hollywood Full Movie Online full Length

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Arthur and Merlin Movie Info:.

Arthur and Merlin is a 2015 independent UK feature film directed by Marco van Belle and written by Kat Wood and Marco van Belle.
Initial release:. April 11, 2015.
Director:. Marco Van Belle.
Executive producer:. Paul Osbourne.
Screenplay:. Marco Van Belle. Kat Wood.
Producers:. Marco Van Belle. Rob Speranza.

Movie Review:.

Marco Van Belle makes his full-length directorial debut with ARTHUR & MERLIN, a fantasy that delivers more value than its cost of production.

The story follows Myrrdin (Stefan Butler) and Arthfael (Kirk Barker), two Celts who share the same line of destiny, to protect their homeland from the dark enchantment of an evil god.

The design sets up the world elegantly from the start. Production Designer Belle Mundi creates crude but structured landscapes, capturing a beautiful simplicity from a previous time. Louisa Thomas’ costume designs are also minimal-yet-effective; the lack of ‘over ornamentation’ results in a truly convincing style for the period.

Phil Wood’s cinematography takes full advantage of the locations and maintains a look that is more natural than fantastical, weaving it all together. The sweeping long shots show off landscape details to the point that it reminds how far low-budget filmmaking has come in the last decade.

There are no Knights of the Round, royal love triangle, or Holy Grail in this particular reiteration. Van Belle and script partner Kat Wood only borrow sparingly from established Arthurian lore, incorporating their own brand of myth into the story.

Though it deviates more from source myth than other efforts, ARTHUR & MERLIN succeeds in bringing a new spirit to the dynamic of its iconic characters. In no ways are Arthfael or Myrrdin revered by society in status or title. Warrior and wizard are presented as equally flawed, simply as they are, learning about each other through shared experience rather than promise of prophecy. As such, they learn equally from each other as well.


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