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Blunt Force Trauma (2015)

Blunt Force Trauma (2015)Blunt Force Trauma (2015) Hollywood Full Movie Online full Length

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Blunt Force Trauma Movie Info:

Follows the journey of John and Colt, gunfighters and sometimes lovers, on parallel but very different journeys through an underground dueling culture.
Director: Ken Sanzel
Writer: Ken Sanzel
Stars: Mickey Rourke, Freida Pinto, Ryan Kwanten

Movie Review:

With a name like Blunt Force Trauma I really wasn’t sure about what to expect from this picture; was it a fighting movie? Maybe something about an attack? I wasn’t sure but what I got was a picture about the 21st century take on pistol dueling. In these south American matches the two duelists take spots at opposite ends of a make shift arena, there they are given a small area to stand. They are not allowed to move from this spot and from this point they shoot at each other till one surrenders or collapses. I should mention that these contenders are wearing bullet proof vests plus all shots are to the chest only, thus the film title Blunt Force Trauma.
The story revolves around its two protagonists- John played by Ryan Kwanten and Col (Freida Pinto). They are in some ways opposites like two sides of the same coin- hot and cold, fire and ice. John is cool, calm,driven, collected,he is out to prove something to himself and has almost no distractions in his mission. This coldness hides his passion well as he is searching for something yet he does not know what that is, nothing will stand in the way of him pursuing it. I’ve seen Kwanten in plenty of things such as True Blood and Knights of Badassdom but nothing like this. In Blunt Force Trauma he is almost unrecognizable as he plays this part subtly yet driven and it’s a great deep performance that shows his acting shops off to the max.

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