Dishkiyaoon (2014) Hindi Full Watch Online

Dishkiyaoon (2014) Hindi Full Watch Online

Dishkiyaoon movie is based on underworld in Mumbai. Viki, who belongs to the cold world of an upper-class family, finds his solace among ruthless gangsters. The absence of love and care pushes him to use his devious mind to rise up in the underworld.


Vicky (Harman Baweja) is born in the underbelly of an upper middle class family. He had no mother and although it was within socially accepted norms of ignorance, his father had no time for him. The cold loneliness of Vicky’s world left him weak and tainted from inside. The absence of a father pushed Vicky to find acceptance in other places outside home. One such place was just a road away from his plush apartment which is depicted as the gangster land.

Vicky’s first brush with gangster land came in form of Mota Tony. He was cool, colourful and funky. But what connected Vicky to the man was his warmth. Vicky went to a fancy school but learnt his lesson with Tony. The lesson was pretty simple, just being there for someone is often good enough. Vicky grows up to suspend college in the final semester. Tony lends him support, youth lends him ambition. Vicky sets his eyes on the top spot in gangster land. He backs himself to dethrone the existing king Iqbal Khalifa.

Rocky is Khalifa’s most potent weapon. He is utterly discriminating and the deadliest opponent to Vicky. Rocky hates people in love and takes it rather personally. Vicky is sharp in the matters of the head but weak in the matters of the heart. Thats when Meera enters his life A vulnerable girl, who crashes into Vicky under a cocaine hit. Its love at first sight for both of them. Two emotionally stunted people fill the void in each others lives.

Vicky juggles his ambition and love well enough till a deep emotional loss of Tony’s death leaves him cold and savaged. Vicky thought he had exorcised his inner demons long back, until they come back to haunt him again. Vicky has to pick two evils between love, ambition and vengeance.

Directed by: Sanamjit Singh Talwar
Starring: Harman Baweja, Sunny Deol, Aditya Pancholi, Ayesha Khanna, Prashant Narayanan, Anand Tiwari, Sumit Nijhawan, Hasan Zaidi
Production company: Essential Sports & Media
Distributed by: Eros International
Budget: ₹39 million
Box office: est.₹68 million

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