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Dollface (2014) Full Movie

Dollface (2015) Full MovieDollface (2015) Hollywood Full Movie Online full Length

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Dollface Movie Info:

Ivory is the “perfect” girlfriend for Parker. She is pretty and quiet. He brings her to parties and outings and she fills her role: seen but hardly ever heard. She was not always like this. Enter Mason, an old friend from college. Mason reminds her of the girl she used to be and who she can still become.
Director: Sage Griffin
Writer: Sage Griffin
Stars: Victoria Elder, Nick Kitchens, Chester Jensen

Movie Review:

adly, Breaking Glass Pictures is perpetuating the horror of Tommy Faircloth’s Dollface (aka Dorchester’s Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head) by unfettering it from the festival circuit. Which is not a benefit for discerning horror fans. Case in point: cut every scene with Debbie Rochon and you wouldn’t notice she’s missing (neither would the story); or eliminate the interminable, witless dialog that wastes most of the movie’s time and you’d probably ask for it back because, without it, you clearly see the misfire of maybe-it’s-a-slasher, maybe-it’s-a-parody, or maybe–and this is what I think– the director and the actors had no clue which direction to take this sequel to Faircloth’s Crinoline Head (1995) so they winged it along for an excruciatingly scares-less and humorless ride, botched by all the ad libitum blathering and the monotonous pacing and editing. Whoever the people are who gave this a 7.6 rating on IMDb, and the critics who keep referring to this as a classic 1980s style slasher in tone, they must either be nuts, friends of the director, or want to keep getting screeners.

Dollface is simply not smart enough to be bad, and not good enough to watch, even if, as one blogging critic made note of Faircloth’s recommendation, you see it with a buzz on. A full-blown drunken stupor wouldn’t help this turkey from getting roasted. The acting? It’s passable and hints that, given more hand’s on direction and an actual script, would have been much better. The drag queens getting lost while driving to a show and then getting stranded in the woods when their car breaks down? Oh my lord, this was the movie that should have been! Imagine drag queens squared off against a slasher maniac! Or trying to run away in terror wearing high heels! The script would write itself, for heaven’s sake.


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