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Dracula Reborn (2015)

Dracula Reborn (2015)Dracula Reborn (2015) Hollywood Full Movie Online full Length

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Dracula Reborn Movie Info:.

Horror about three journalists who travel from Vancouver to Transylvania to uncover the true story of Dracula. As they visit the area’s historical sites and libraries to decipher the various clues behind the famed vampire’s existence. the trio’s determination to get their article may end up costing them their lives.
Director: Attila Luca
Writer: Attila Luca
Stars: Tina Balthazar. Yves Carlevaris. Chloé Dumas


“Dracula Reborn “In Los Angeles. California. realtor Jonathan Harker (Corey Landis). is an insecure neurotic who proposes the sale of an abandoned building in a bad. gang-dominated neighborhood for $12.5 million to his wealthy and sly client Count Dracula. posing as Vladimir Sarkany (Stuart Rigby). The sale will bring Jonathan a 3% commission equivalent to $375.000. and it will enhance his financial life with his wife. Lina Harker (Victoria Summer). who wants to start a family. The night that Jonathan visits Dracula at his home to have the property deed signed. he notices a painted picture reminiscent of Lina. Later. a man. Quincy Morris (Krash Miller) warns him about the danger of Vladimir. who murdered his girlfriend. Lucy Spencer (Linda Bella).

Police detectives. Holmwood (Preston James Hillier) and Varna (Charlie Garcia) investigate the disappearance of Lucy. and Vladimir’s associate. Renfield (Ian Pfister). frames Quincy as the suspect. Jonathan takes Lina to see the painting at Vladimir’s home. where Vladimir begins to hypnotically seduce Lina. who reminds him of Lucy. Jonathan and Lina head back home. but their car gives trouble on the way. causing them to camp in the woods. During the night. Vladimir seduces the detectives and goes to bite Lina. sparking her illness. At dawn. the car is able to start back up and Jonathan takes Lina to get blood work done by Dr. Joan Seward (Dani Lennon).

The following day. the detectives discover Lucy’s half corpse in a trunk. Jonathan finds out Lina is infected with an anonymous organism that is multiplying inside her system and worries over her health. While on the run. Quincy pleas to Jonathan for help to kill Vladimir. although Jonathan refuses to believe Vladimir is a vampire. Shortly after. Renfield runs Quincy over with a truck. killing him. When Lina begins feasting on their dog’s corpse. Jonathan gets in contact with vampire hunter. Van Helsing (Keith Reay) for help and learns Quincy was killed. After Vladimir seduces and takes Lina away. Jonathan learns from Van and a mythical book that they have one day to rescue Lina and kill Vladimir during daylight or else he will lose Lina and she will turn into a vampire. Overcome by emotion that night. Jonathan confronts Vladimir at his house. but he is warded off. Hallucinating Lina on the road. he crashes his car on the way home. but survives.


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