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Eaters (2015) Full Movie

Eaters (2015)Eaters (2015) Hollywood Full Movie Online full Length


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Eaters Movie Info:

After their friend goes missing, five road-tripping friends must confront a violent biker gang, but after they narrowly escape, their nightmare goes from bad to spine-chilling.
Director: Johnny Tabor
Writer: Johnny Tabor
Stars: Marcelle Bowman, Robert Dean, Tristan Parrish Moore

Movie Review:

After a long five year wait, we finally get to see the former film known as Folklore. Now titled Eaters, this film takes place in 1974. A group of friends are on a road trip and their journey leads them to this rest stop in the middle of nowhere with nothing around them. While our group is there they encounter a group of bikers who seem to be taking a liking to the females. Well, one of the girls goes missing and the gang assumes the motorcycle guys abducted her and goes after them. When they encounter the motorcycle gang they find out that they do not have their friend. After a few standoffs that involve guns, our group escapes and discovers that the car is almost out of gas. Fear not our friends see a sign that there is a small town coming up that they can re-fuel the car. It seems that this town is abandoned for a reason and they soon discover that the gang they encountered was not their biggest threat.

I liked Eaters enough to give it a small recommend. The positives of this film are: at the 41 minute mark when the “Eaters” come into the film, I loved “The Town that Dreaded Sundown “look and feel. (Not the shitty remake, the original). The kill they do with that big hammer deal was very cool. The film really comes to life once we get the eaters involved and much like The Strangers; I loved the fact that they had the “less is more” approach. The first 41 minutes of the film is where I had an issue with the film, the pace of the film was so slow and even when their friend goes missing and it just does not feel like a big deal. Though to this film’s credit they blur the line between good and bad, like when the biker gang comes into play in the abandoned town, we are not sure if we want to see them meet their demise or see them fight the eaters.

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