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Golden Shoes ( 2015 )

Golden Shoes (2015)Golden Shoes (2015) Hollywood Full Movie Online full Length


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Golden Shoes Movie Info:.

With his father missing and his mother in the hospital, a young boy overcomes bullying and solitude to fulfil his dream of playing in a soccer league.
With his father MIA at war and his mother critical in hospital, a young boy consoles himself with dreams of playing in the youth soccer league. To do so, he must overcome the adult deception, the bullying and his solitude.
Initial release: September 24, 2015
Director: Lance Kawas.
Running time: 1h 30m.
Screenplay: Lance Kawas.
Genre: Family film.

Movie Review:.

GOLDEN SHOES centers around eight-year-old Christian Larou (Christian Koza), a young boy who finds joy in soccer, but whose skill level relegates him to team ball boy. He has the unending support of his mother, Kathleen (Dina Meyer), but like Christian she is struggling without Christian’s father, George (Joshua Morrow), a soldier currently fighting in Afghanistan. Life goes from bad to worse when George goes missing in action and a car accident leaves his mother hospitalized, leaving Christian at the mercy of the only person who can take him in – his bullying neighbor, Frank (Eric Roberts). Just when he needs it most, a little magic enters Christian’s life in the form of a special pair of shoes, courtesy of one Mr. Mercury (Montel Williams). The next thing you know, Christian can’t be stopped on the pitch, leading his team to the state championships and capturing the attention of the entire country in the process.

In case it’s not obvious, GOLDEN SHOES is trite, the script weak and littered with a lack of character motivation, predictability overload, and a cartoonishly evil villain. Too many elements of the story are inexplicably (and no, I’m not talking about magic shoes – that’s fine. I enjoyed LIKE MIKE as much as the next person). The way Christian captures the attention of the nation, well – I’m not sure where the market is for kids’ soccer leagues. I’ve certainly never seen it on ESPN3, which is where I imagine it would be, sandwiched between Little League regionals and the occasional Pop Warner game. Plus, Christian is no Mo’ne Davis.

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