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Kanithan Online Free (2016) Tamil

Kanithan (2016) Tamil

Kanithan Online Free (2016) Tamil,Kanithan is a Tamil action thriller film written and directed by T. N. Santhosh and produced by S. Thanu. The film features Atharvaa and Catherine Tresa in the lead roles, while Sivamani composes the film’s music.
TN Santhosh, the director of Kanithan is a former assistant of AR Murugadoss, so it is not surprising that the film bears resemblances to his guru’s films. The framework of the plot — the hero trying to discover the villain’s identity even as the villain is trying to track him down — is similar to the one in Thuppakki (even Ghajini and Ramana involve this set-up but on a minor level); a point made about the villain’s men having a presence all over the state brings to mind Ramana, where it was the hero who had eyes everywhere; there is even a scene where the hero is looked down upon because he speaks broken English, which finds resonance in a scene from 7aum Arivu, where the heroine blasts a group of men for making disparaging remarks on Tamil. And the director is competent enough and the visuals are slick (thanks to cinematographer Arvind Krishna) that the film manages to be engaging… for a while.
The middle section of the film is a racy thriller. Gowtham Ramalingam (Atharvaa, sprightly), a reporter, gets arrested for fraud, and learns he has become a victim of a fake degree certificate racket (who either sell such certificates to willing buyers or take out loans using them). He decides to track down the person responsible for stealing identities and ruining the lives of many youngsters like him. Meanwhile, Thura Sarkar (Tarun Arora, menacing), who heads the racket, realises that someone is after him, and decides to find out who the person is and finish him off. There are tense action scenes, melodramatic but effective sentimental scenes and the plot keeps moving at a crackling pace that we have no time to mull over the numerous leaps of logic.
Initial release:. February 26, 2016
Director: T. N. Santhosh.
Music composed by: Sivamani.
Screenplay: T. N. Santhosh.
Producer: Kalaipuli S. Thanu.

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