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Riot (2015)

Riot (2015)Riot (2015) Hollywood Full Movie Online full Length

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Riot Movie Info:

Copper Jack Stone purposefully orchestrates a bank robbery in order to be thrown into prison with the notorious Russian kingpin Balam. Balam is more than just a mob criminal; he’s a very cunning and dangerous lord who controls the police force from behind bars. Balam lives in prison as a cover for his real power, which is King of the city. His cell is a lavish private room built specifically for him, inaccessible to most in the depths of the prison structure. Even the warden fears venturing into his area of the prison. However, even surrounded by his loyal henchmen and guards in his sectioned off fortress, Balam doesn’t know Jack is coming for him to avenge his family, who Balam murdered in cold blood. Balam is tough… but Jack is tougher.
Director: John Lyde
Writers: John Lyde (story), Spanky Dustin Ward
Stars: Matthew Reese, Dolph Lundgren, Danielle Chuchran

Movie Review:

It’s that time of month again, the time when another Dolph Lundgren VOD movie shows up. Aren’t they monthly now? I don’t know, man, I can’t really keep up. I’m not sure what this streak of movies is all about. I’ve read some of Lundgren’s fanboys speculate that these movies are to fund living expenses for Los Angeles, because ‘that type of area isn’t cheap’. The reasoning before that from fanboy insight was that Lundgren was going through a divorce and that those aren’t cheap either.

I hope it’s neither, because it’s wrong to deliberately appear in trash movies, expecting your fans to pay for them, doubly so when your face is front and centre on the cover, despite bare minimum screen time. It’s another con.

We’ve been here before. A man called Jack Stone infiltrates his way into prison in order to get medieval on a crime kingpin who killed his wife. The lead actor here is Matthew Reese and the kingpin is Chuck Liddell, playing Balam, who lives like a ‘king’ within the prison walls. He has the guards under his thumb and, apparently, the entire county around the prison. He’s also a Russian, because you know, they just have to be the bad guys – zero points for originality there, how many nationalities are there in the world? Elsewhere, Lundgren continues with his experimenting as an actor, playing a timid floor cleaner convict, who is older and wiser and there to watch Stone’s back. It’s a different role for Lundgren, not your typical hard man. Danielle Chuchran shows up as well as a female convict with her own agenda.


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