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Watch Badmashiyaan Full Movie Online Download (2015)

Watch Badmashiyaan Full Movie Online Download (2015)

Badmashiyaan is a 2015 Hindi romantic comedy film. The film is released on March 6. 2015 to mixed reviews.
Café owner Dev’s girlfriend Nari left him the night he meant to propose to her. Months later. he meets Palak. a young woman living next door. during a bank hold-up. Dev’s friend Pinkesh. a private investigator. has been trying to track down Nari for him. He finds that she is living with Don Jassi. a reformed gangster.
Watch Badmashiyaan Full Movie Online Download (2015)

Watch Badmashiyaan Full Movie Online Download (2015)

IMDB Rating: N/A /10 from N/A votes
Release: 2015Badmashiyaan (Hindi)
Genres: Comedy | Romance
Director: Amit Khanna
Language: Hindi
Stars: Shantanu Bhake. Sidhant Gupta. Sharib Hashmi
Plot: The story starts off well. with a sweet Punjabi couple introducing the audience. The story then jumps to Chandigarh. in 2014. where a frustrated man. while conversing on phone. loses control of his car due to a basketball and instantly applies brakes thereby also causing a public transport bus to stop. when the couple are just beside each other and fall over. sprouting up the love that led to their marriage.
While the frustrated man stops. a local taxi-driver Gurinder (Anil Mange) jumps out of his taxi and begins creating a scene against the frustrated man. who is then revealed to be enterprising cafè owner Dev Arora (Sidhant Gupta). the owner of a very popular cafè known as Cafè Konnect. Gurinder and Dev part ways. clearing the crowd that had accumulated there.
A rewind back to a recent history shows Dev’s past. when. one day while taking photographs of a cute young woman he saw playing with balloons in the midst of children. he ended up saving another woman. Naari (Suzanna Mukherjee) and later took her to his cafè. Shortly after. the two entered a live-in relationship with Dev getting a huge loan following Dev’s love instinct for Naari. However. despite a huge house and a big loan shark.

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