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Watch Chudail Story Full Movie Online Download (2016)

Watch Chudail Story Full Movie Online Download (2016)

Horror Story is a Bollywood dramatic horror film written by Vikram Bhatt and directed by Ayush Raina. The film stars Ravish Desai, Hasan Zaidi, and features the Bollywood movie debut of noted television actor Karan Kundra. The film was released on 13 September 2013. The plot revolves around a night spent by seven youngsters at a haunted hotel.The film received positive reviews and was successful at the box office. The film is based on the Stephen King short story 1408.
Watch Chudail Story Full Movie Online Download (2016)

Watch Chudail Story Full Movie Online Download (2016)

IMDB Rating: N/A /10 from N/A votes
Released: 2016Chudail Story (Hindi)
Genres: Horror
Director: Surya Lakkoju
Language: Hindi
Stars: Akash Rathod, Amal Sherawat, MenkaSunny Chals, Nidhi Nautiayl
Synopsis: The film opens with Vikrant Nerula (Bikramjeet Kanwarpal) entering the deserted hotel Grandiose all by himself. He proceeds to room 3046, then goes to the terrace and jumps off, killing himself.
Seven friends, Sam (Hasan Zaidi), Margesh(Ravish Desai), Achint(Nishant Malkani), Neel(Karan Kundra), Neena(Radhika Menon), Sonia (Nandini Vaid)and Maggie(Aparna Bajpai), reunite in a local pub after several years apart to celebrate the farewell of neel, who is going abroad. They learn about an abandoned hotel that is reportedly haunted through news on television. It had originally been a mental asylum for the criminally insane but was almost completely destroyed in a fire, the origin of which has never been fully explained. After years of neglect, the ruins were refurbished into a five star hotel by a builder who is Vikrant Nerula.
REVIEW: Barely a week after the unintentionally funny 1920 London hit the screens, another chudail is waiting to show us a better time. Thankfully, this one at least knows the basics of make-up and is not caught amidst a perpetual bad hair day. But her story is equally dull.

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