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Watch Ranbanka Full Movie Online Download (2015)

Watch Ranbanka Full Movie Online Download (2015)

Ranbanka is a 2015 Indian action thriller film, produced by Serene Movies & Vintage Films and directed by Aryeman Ramsay. The film features Manish Paul, Pooja Thakur, Ravi Kishan, Rudra Kaushish and Avinash Dwivedi in the lead roles. Manish Paul plays the lead role of the protagonist, while Ravi Kishan and Avinash Dwivedi played the role of the antagonists. The film has its backdrop set in Mathura. This is also Manish Paul’s first action film. Ranbanka is a Rajasthani word, which means “a warrior”. The film narrates the story of Rahul’s pain and the way he fights against Raghav, the most feared goon of Mathura.
The film released on 6 November 2015, in about 700 screens all over India.
Watch Ranbanka Full Movie Online Download (2015)

Watch Ranbanka Full Movie Online Download (2015)

Release Date: 6 November 2015
Genres: Action
Director: Aryeman Ramsay
Writer: Shakir Ali
Language: Hindi
Stars: Manish Paul, Ravi Kishan, Pooja Thakur, Rudra Kaushish, Avinash Dwivedi
Plot: Rahul Sharma (Manish Paul) who is an engineer working in Mumbai comes to Mathura, a city in Uttar Pradesh with his wife Priya (Pooja Thakur) and child Aayush. While entering the town, the driver tells him about the most feared man in Mathura, Raghav (Ravi Kishan) and that he should stay away from him in case they cross paths. Raghav sees Priya one day and falls in love with her. One night when Raghav comes to Priya’s house, he demands that she must marry him or else he will kill her husband and child. Rahul tries to seek help from Raghav’s brother and he tries his best to help him. But Raghav doesn’t rest and kills Rahul’s son. A frustrated Priya tells a heartbroken Rahul to kill Raghav; his silence won’t do anything. Rahul then turns into an angry man, and starts eliminating Raghav’s men. One day, Raghav’s friend Kantu kidnaps Priya and brings her to Raghav. But Priya cautions him to stop, otherwise he’ll face his death. Seeing the chance, Rahul fires at Raghav, who in turn shoots a man named Madhav Ram

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