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Watch Rascals (2011) Full Hindi Movie Online Download

Watch Rascals (2011) Full Hindi Movie Online Download

Rascals is a Bollywood action black comedy film directed by David Dhawan. The film stars Arjun Rampal in a special guest appearance. Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn, Kangana Ranaut and Lisa Haydon are featured in lead roles. It was presented by Bharat Shah. The film released on 6 October 2011 and received mixed to negative response from critics. Despite opening strongly, it was a huge box office flop. The storyline of the movie is similar to the 1988 movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.
Watch Rascals (2011) Full Hindi Movie Online Download

Watch Rascals (2011) Full Hindi Movie Online Download

Directed by David Dhawan
Produced by Sanjay Dutt
Sanjay Ahluwalia
Vinay Choksey
Screenplay by Yunus Sajawal
  • Sanjay Dutt
  • Ajay Devgan
  • Kangana Ranaut
  • Lisa Haydon
  • Arjun Rampal
Music by Songs:
Background Score:
Atul Raninga
Sanjay Wandrekar
Cinematography Vikas Sivaraman
Edited by Nitin Rokade
Distributed by Eros Entertainment
Release date
  • 6 October 2011
Running time
128 minutes
Country India
Genres Action | Comedy | Crime | Drama
Language Hindi
Budget 450 million(US$7.0 million)
Box office 320 million(US$5.0 million)
Plot Chetan Chauhan (Sanjay Dutt) and Bhagat Bhosle(Ajay Devgan) are two con artists, who have recently robbed Anthony Gonsalves (Arjun Rampal). Bhagat first meets Anthony and steals his suitcase, covering it up with a fake suitcase of his own, and tries to leave with it, but the real suitcase accidentally comes out of the fake one, causing Anthony to chase Bhagat, who escapes. When Anthony goes to his car, he finds out that someone stole it. Chetan takes the car to a dealer, who changes the color of the car to fool Anthony in case he comes. The two cons meet each other on a flight to Bangkok. Bhagat brags to Chetan that he is going to meet a girl named Dolly(Lisa Haydon), who he has paid for 4 nights and 3 days. Bhagat even tells Chetan the code word for meeting Dolly. When they reach the airport in Bangkok, both rob each other, but only Chetan is successful, as he gets Bhagat’s cash and expensive watch, while Bhagat gets Chetan’s fake wallet with fake money and fake credit cards. The two become enemies since then. But both meet again when their eyes fall on Khushi (Kangana Ranaut).

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